Beauty Tips: How to reduce acne?

For those of us that battle acne, we have tried many different remedies.  So, what is one more?  Has anyone ever tried Epson salt?  Well, I have, and you would be surprised to know that Epson salt has antibacterial qualities; that is why it can be helpful when fighting breakouts.  Acne is caused by many different things (hormones, diet, genetics, and stress), but also bacteria.  Epson salt can combat acne caused by bacteria.  So, how do you incorporate Epson salt in your beauty regimen?

1. Take a pea sized amount of your favorite facial cleanser.

2. Then add about 1/2 a teaspoon of Epson salt to the facial cleanser.

3.  Apply to your face.


This regimen should be used at night, when you would be washing the most dirt and bacteria off of your face.

Now who is ready to try this new treatment?  Make sure you let me know if you can see a difference.

Note:  give the regimen a least a month.


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4 thoughts on “Beauty Tips: How to reduce acne?

    • coloringfashion says:

      Yes, please do and let me know how you like it. Thank you, I love your blog as well. Thank you for the nomination, I will get working on answering your questions. Hope you have a great weekend. Xo

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