Is your bathroom a product graveyard?

If you are like me, you always are finding a new product to try out.  You use it a few times, find out that it doesn’t work then instead of throwing it out, you place it right back in the cabinet or under the sink.  Then one day you realize that you can’t find a thing, because of all the old unused products consuming your bathroom cabinets.

Here are a few suggestions that I found; that I believe are genius ideas to help you get organized.  But first you must throw out ALL the products that you are not currently using in your beauty routines.  Yes, ALL of them.  If you haven’t used the product in the last month, it’s a great chance that, in 6 months you will not be using it.


Below you will find some unique options to help you organize your bathroom and change it from a graveyard to the oasis that it should be.

stacked apothecary jars

West Elm Stacked Apothecary Jars: Space saving containers, that allow you to throw out all the bags and boxes that take up unnecessary space.


Crate & Barrel Wire Baskets: Perfect for organizing the sink cabinet or standing shelves (pictured below)

standing shelves

Ikea Standing Shelves: Used to display towels, baskets, and apothecary jars

box compartments

Ikea Storage Bins: Great for makeup and hair accessories

Galvanized Magnetic Vanity Backing

Galvanized Sheet Metal: Use as vanity backing and attach magnet hooks and container. Perfect for small items; like hair pins, manicure scissors, etc.

If you have any additional bathroom organizational tips or know of any space saving ideas, please share below.


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Photo Credit:  West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Ikea, and







8 thoughts on “Is your bathroom a product graveyard?

  1. Meaza Work says:

    I do need some of this to organize! Plus I need to take your advice and get rid of some stuff I no longer use!

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