Got Allergies?

It seems that allergy season has came earlier and earlier for the last couple of years.  With allergies comes a host of symptoms, but the one that I hate the most is itchy/runny eyes.  If you are a person that enjoys their make up, it can be frustrating, when you think about applying anything near your eyes.  Well, I have a solution to that problem…

Trust me, you will thank me for this trick.

Every morning and night during allergy season, after you wash your face, wash your eyes with Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo.  Yes, I said baby shampoo!  It is formulated to be just as mild as water, to your eyes.  For goodness sake, babies have been getting in their eyes since,1953.

no more tears

Note:  To apply, close your eyes and rub shampoo along lash line.  It will tingle a little bit, but that’s the shampoo cleaning all the bacteria and allergen’s out of your eyes and lashes.  If you do this twice a day, I promise you will be able to tell the difference and feel more comfortable apply the eye make up you love.  Remember, just like with everything, a little goes a long way.  You only need a pea size drop of shampoo.


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Photo Credit:  Johnson & Johnson



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