Do You Have Foundation On?

I get asked all the time, whether or not I have foundation on.  Or what kind of foundation do I use, because my skin looks flawless.  In most cases, the answer is, no I do not have foundation on, but when I do this is what I use.  Then the next question is, what do you have on your skin then, because it looks smooth, and it’s glowing?  Well, to answer that question it is simple.  Drum roll please…

On the days that I just don’t feel like going through my complete make up routine, I use moisturizer with a drop of LIQUID BRONZER.  Yes, that’s right a little drop of liquid bronzer can save your whole look.

Currently, I have been testing out Nars Illuminator (Super Orgasm).   It gives my skin that extra sun kissed glow that we all strive for.  I can’t wait to see how it looks when the summer finally gets here…by the way; summer please hurry up and find us.  We miss you here in Chicago.


Regularly, my go to liquid bronzer is MAC Cosmetics Lustre Drops (Pink Rebel). It gives you an everyday glow; that’s great for all year round.


After you apply your moisturizer and liquid bronzer, be sure to complete your five minute face with the following steps…

1. Conceal (if needed)

2. Highlight-cheekbones

3. Define-eyebrows

Once you have done this, your five minute face is complete and you are ready for the world.

Please be sure to share your five minute face tips or tricks below…

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Photo Credit:  Nars Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics


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