Seven Shoes Every Woman Should Own

While I totally agree that women can NEVER have too many shoes; there are seven types of shoes every woman should own.

Check out my staples:

1) Black Pump 2) High Heel Sandal 3) Ankle Boot
4) Knee Boot 5) Ballet Flat 6) Sneaker 7) Flat Sandal


Sneaker or Gym Shoes (If you’re from Chicago)
Nike: Dunk Sky Hi Vac Tech

After reviewing my staples list; would you add or remove anything?  Or is this just not enough choices to sustain your wardrobe? LOL

Ladies, let remember the definition of staple (a commodity for which the demand is constant).  If we refer to the definition, would this list supply your constant demand for footwear?

If you have a version of each of these in your closet, you are off to a great start!  If not, happy shopping!!

Note that the examples listed are just that, and there are many variations of these choices to fit your style and needs.


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2 thoughts on “Seven Shoes Every Woman Should Own

  1. Dany Davis says:

    The only thing I would add is a neutral colored shoe like a taupe or grey and for a pop, at least one colored pump, like a red or orange! Especially for spring and summer.

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