Do you need to throw it away?

As women we tend to hold on things a bit longer than we should; clothing, shoes, handbags, men (ha), and even make-up!  Is your make-up out-of-date?  Take a look at this diagram to see if you should save or toss your make-up items.

photo(3)If you have held on to some of these items beyond the suggested toss date; then it’s time to clean out your make-up bag.  It is truly important to be aware of what we place on our skin.  That breakout that seems to never go away, might be contributed to the fact your make-up is out of date!

Ladies lets get to tossing!  I know we all have at least one item that needs to meet the garbage can.  And if they are MAC Cosmetic products you can trade 6 items in for a free lipstick!  #winning

Happy day before Friday! Xoxo

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