Fashion For A Cause: Westward Leaning

For all that know me, know that I love a good pair of spectacles/shades; they are like an accessory to me.  I have worn glasses since I was 12 years old and I refuse to get contacts, because I love glass so much!

So, how exciting is it that I found a eyeglass company that not only makes some fashionable shade, but also gives back with every purchase.

Westward Leaning uses unique materials like wood, antlers, or brass on the side of the frame.  Each material relates to a specific social cause or progressive issue, and together with each model’s name and charitable component tells a story about a particular human achievement.


  • One Frame
  • 14 unique materials
  • $10 from the sale of each pair goes to a specific charity

No14.2 \\ Fathom Five
SeaWeb’s Too Precious To Wear Campaign: This campaign educates the fashion and jewelry industries about the perils of using real coral and encourages the us of coral alternatives instead.

View the entire collection and charitable causes here.  Who can resist being consciously fabulous!!!!



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