Framing Your Face

There are two things that frame our face.  Drum roll please….they are your eyebrows.  The eyebrows are one thing that most women have a love hate relationship with, because if one hair too many is removed, it’s cause for a disaster.  There are a few things that can help prevent you from looking like any one of these illustrations.



1. Know your face shape

eyebrow perfect

2. Know where your eyebrows should begin, where your arch should be, and where they should end.


3. Know a great esthetician.

Lala Obamedo (featured above) is the owner of the mobile waxing bar, Browsbylala. She also is located at Benefit Cosmetics in the Lincoln Park area (852 West Armitage, Chicago). Lala is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician; receiving her training from Your School of Beauty Culture.  Lala has a strong clientele base that stems from her 8 years working with Benefit Cosmetics and looks to expand her connections with the introduction of her mobile waxing bar.  It’s nothing like great service that comes directly to you, please contact Lala at

Check out some of Lala’s work:

eyebrow6 eyebrow1 eyebrow2 eyebrow4 eyebrow5We are half way through the week, whoop, whoop! Xoxo


14 thoughts on “Framing Your Face

  1. Vine Vampire says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I am totally obsessed with eyebrows, in my mind, they are one of the most beautiful facial features, if groomed right 😉 And thanks for the tips of face shapes, I have never even thought about that! ❤

    • Lala obamedo says:

      You should consider tinting them most of my clients featured above have tinted brows. It really helps to add definition and give the illusion of a fuller brow. Of course you want to let a professional do it for u 😘

  2. Dglass says:

    I was just thinking I need to find someone who can do eyebrows and well!! Mine are thin so people take too much off when they try to arch them or they don’t understand how to shape them properly. Thanks for the post!

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