What is your make-up routine?

As women, most of us employ a make-up routine that is a little bit of what we learned from our mother and female friends, what we have made up ourselves, and what we “think” looks good.  Unfortunately, most of us are not following the proper steps to ensure that we look as flawless as we imagine we do.

Check out this make-up routine diagram.  These are the actual steps that I follow, when I want my face to be “beat” to the max!

make up routine

Hope this diagram is helpful and let me know if you can see a difference from your current routine and this one!

Happy Monday!  Xoxo


7 thoughts on “What is your make-up routine?

  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    Thank you for doing something like this. my waking up and base is right on but I see that I elimate steps depending where I am going. One day, I will do all the steps and see how I look. LOL most likely fabulous.

    • coloringfashion says:

      I’m glad I could be helpful! You were half way there if your wake up and base routine were right! I can’t wait to hear what you think about incorporating the other steps! I know you will look and feel (which is the most important) gorgeous! Xoxo

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