Wish List Come True

How many of us see something while shopping and immediately have to have it?  Well, I know I do!  Then you start to examine it, proceed to check the price and then get the wind knock out of you.  Does it really cost that much?!?  You walk away disappointed that you are not able to afford what you really want.  Then you proceed to buy a similar item that isn’t even as impressive as what you saw originally.


This would happen on many occasions when it came to shoes and handbags for me.  Then one day I was talking to a lady about fashion and some of my dream items.  I quickly told her, dream items; you mean items I could never afford.  She stopped me and told me never say what you can’t afford.  Huh, but I can’t afford them.  She told me, not right now, but you can.  How?!?  She explained, each year or every other year whatever is feasible to you, pick out one item that is a dream item and save for it.  Life is too short to live without some pleasures and if it would please you to buy a Louis Vuitton Speed 30, then do it, she said.  Spending your time talking about what you can’t afford, is depressing.  Instead, become a bit more disciplined and go for what you want!

This is not to say that you forgo your regular savings plan (yeah, not smart), you just add an additional one.  Plus, if you combined the money spent on bags and shoes that you purchased just because you couldn’t get what you really wanted, you probably could have a few of your dream items…quantity doesn’t equal quality!  My mother is my inspiration for that, she made some smart choices when she was in her 20s and 30s when it came to shoes and handbags and now in her 60s she still can pull out some of those pieces.  When quality beats the price you spent!

So, next time you are in the store or online and see the item of your dreams, don’t become defeated, devise a plan!

My first wish list purchase.  Four years later and it has already paid for itself!

My first wish list purchase. Four years later and it has already paid for itself!

Make your dreams come true, no one else will!!!

Happy Monday!



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