Weekend Challenge: My First Red Lip

There are many women out there that have been intrigued by the iconic red lip.  As little girls we played in our mothers make-up and imaged what it would be like to finally be old enough to rock a red lip.  We go to the drug store, pick out any red we see, bring it home and look in the mirror to see what we can only imagine as a CLOWN!  We vow to never do that again!  Then one day we are walking down the street and see another women rocking what seems to be the perfect red lip and we become intrigued again.  Why does it look so good on her?  Why didn’t it look that good on me?

Well, I can tell you why?  Just like picking any color for your complexion, it’s about the undertone.  All red lipsticks have either a blue/purple or yellow/orange undertone, which is the deciding factor on whether the lipstick you chose will look real right or real wrong.

So, this weekend I CHALLENGE you and your friends to BE BOLD, go to the nearest make-up counter and work with an artist to find your perfect shade of red.  Once you do, log into Facebook and share a photo of you rocking your shade and tag Coloring Fashion.  Please use the hashtag:  #myfirstredlip #bebold

I look forward to Monday morning, I hope to see YOU stepping out of your shell and embracing the color RED!

courtney red lip

Check out my girl and fellow blogger Courtney aka Ms. Table 4 One embracing her first red lip:
Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam 1 w/Brick Liner

My first red lip, that too me 29 years to find: Mac Cosmetics Ruby Woo

My first red lip, that took me 29 years to find:
Mac Cosmetics Ruby Woo

Thank you Courtney for being the inspiration for this post, you stepped out in a big way this week!  #bebold


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