Color Me Lips: Stop Lipstick Feathering


As I have gotten older I have been more draw to lipstick, than lip gloss.  It’s something extremely lady like about lipstick.  Plus, the makeup trends are gravitating more towards lipstick.  The colors are becoming richer and more vibrant, which can cause the undesired affect of feathering (when the lip color bleeds beyond the lip line).  This is not cute, and takes away from the kissable factor.  This can be prevented, by adding a few extra steps to the application process.  See how it’s done!

How to Keep Your Lipstick from Feathering

Tools: Lipstick, Lip balm, Foundation, and Lip liner


1.) Apply your favorite lip balm – this will help even out any lines on your lips and creates a smooth surface for your lip color.

2.) Using your finger, lightly dab a small amount of foundation across your lips.  This will further help provide an even surface for your lip color to stick to.

3.) Follow your lip line with a waxy lip liner.

4.) Apply your lipstick.

Now you have the tips to ensure your lips draw attention for all the right reasons!


Lip color:  Mac Cosmetics Relent Lessly Red (lip stick) and Dynamo (lip pencil)


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