The Colors of Me: Celebrating Thirty

Reflecting on the last 30 years I have finally recognized that I need to let go of my perceived self to allow me to really shine. The art of perfection kills the spirit! It is nothing wrong with imperfections, in actuality they are the things that make life worth living. If we never grow then how can you truly say we are enjoying this life. If we had it all together, life would be so boring. I finally am embracing my real self; all my flaws, imperfections, insecurities and striving to learn and grow to get better. I don’t have all the answers, but the fun part, is the journey finding them out. Today, I embrace all my roles; and know that I will not be perfect at them all. But those that love me will love me regardless and those are the people that truly matter. I’m finally understanding the Art of Imperfection. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as I grow and learn from every moment and experience.


To another 30 years on learning, growing, and living!


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